“ There are some feelings
you will never find words for;

you will learn to name them
after the ones who gave them
to you. ”
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    Hey, I’m Justina, finishing up my last year at Rutgers in NJ, USA. An aspiring social worker.

    Photography is one of my favorite outlets, one of the few things that keeps me sane. There’s just so much beauty in the moments or places you may find yourself in and I love to capture these.

    Check me out at

    (This a photograph of a man I met in Sydney. He is one of the indigenous, aboriginal Australians.)


    Hi, my name is Vincent, I’m french. I’m not a photographer, but i just took this photograph once, the night the french town Montpellier won the french football championship, on the main place of the city. I find both colors and the crowd nice, but what i prefer is the silhouette of the man at the top of the statue, above the foutain.

    Hope you’ll like it, bye.


    Capturing photos in black and white, film or digital, Anthony Marquez is a 17 year old photography student from the Philippines who takes pleasure in travelling and collecting memories through his camera. He feeds his eyes with the beauty of nature, subtle perfection of candid portraiture and the mundane. Check out his blog here.


    My name is Nicola Digirolamo, I work as a graphic designer in the world of waste collection (surreal), and do photography as my hobby. I’m italian, but I work in Italy, France and Spain. I enjoy capturing real life moments, but I especially love creating photos with the help of willing people. Even if I can not dedicate myself to photography as I would like, I’m happy the same as what I do.

    Thanks for looking


    Hi all,

    I am ju, an amateur photographer from France.

    Passionate about music for 15 years, my creativity is now leaning towards photography. Everything becomes beatiful once a camera in hand.

    I love nature, city, humans and animals and not a day goes by that i do not take a picture.

    Pleasure to present my work.


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